Intelligent brands?


How many types of intelligence exist? Gardner proved that there is not just one kind of intelligence only – that is the logical-mathematical type usually measured by the well known IQ – but rather multiple kinds (linguistic, spatial, musical, interpersonal etc.).

Can we assume that for a brand or rather a company it’s the same? Looking at the evolution of some long-lasting businesses we can draw a parallel identifying six dimensions of intelligence.

The organizational intelligence is the capability of balancing structure, culture and values, the strategic one is tied to the relationship between market positioning and size. The craftmanship intelligence refers to the specific type of job therefore to the listening to customers and the passion for quality, the storytelling intelligence is the ability to build a story around the brand. The relational dimension requires the capability to dialogue with co-workers, suppliers, customers, territory while the creative dimension requests the ability of managing knowledge and investing to innovate.

We are all differently intelligent and in the same way brands-companies are called to nurture an appropriate mix of intelligences both on the inside (dna, organization, talents, organizational culture) and with their own network (open innovation and networking).

Maybe more than exceling in one or two single dimensions, companies-brands need to find the right balance between different dimensions to prosper in the market. A perfect theme for #BRANDY17.