Brands and the Philosopher’s Stone


No, we’re not thinking about Harry Potter… According to some traditions there are four main elements being fire, earth, air, water.
Can we read them with an analogy for brands?

Fire for a brand is its ability to create emotional engagement, to light the true spark that determines a choice and then another choice, that translate into loyalty. At the same time fire is the ability to keep on evolving in tune with a constantly changing environment. This implies the need to constantly review what is being done, think about new things, with a resolution that is sometimes painful.
Earth for a brand is its heritage, its roots, the link to the whole of meanings, thoughts, emotions, experiences and paths that are tightly interwoven.
Air for a brand is its ability to take off, to move into new spaces, to reach different stages and levels in a market that is more and more global but at the same time more and more segmented by specific needs and peculiar lifestyles.
Water for a brand is its ability to achieve harmony, a balanced flow of activities that spreads across the whole organization by contrasting centrifugal forces, relational conflicts and institutional storms.

And quintessence? In physics it is a kind of energy. In alchemic tradition it refers to a hypothetical element constituting the universe. In its most common meaning, it is the basic feature of something or the highest degree of a quality.

So which may be the quintessence for a brand? The Brandy event was born right with the goal of seeking it, together, by bridging different experiences, viewpoints and paths. Perhaps we’ll never get to know it, but at least we’ll try to enjoy the journey.